To Be Completed


Import hikers who replied to New ASCHG Website email. Include username (hiker Id), email, last name, first name, display name, roles (for ones missed).


  • Test Welcome message. Research MailPoet confirmation.

Hike Representative & Flower Photos

  1. After 2/10, check for any additions or changes. Eliminate the “fill” on either side of an originally portrait or square photo. Change dimensions to no more than 800  px.
  2. Rename all so that have an underscore between the H or F number instead of a ~ (tilde). Check filenames for not allowed characters & spaces.
  3. Import using All Import or do manually, depending on how many.

Past Years Schedule Data

  • From Java website, create schedule table for Half-Year using my added jsp (that doesn’t include Variation statement). Import using CSV Importer for Pods.

Hike Supplemental Page Info

  • Do we want to link to Hike Reports in Hikes?.
  • Add Supplemental files import to Hike Pod.
  • Land Status info. BLM paper maps are being replaced by CarryMap app. Listed info probably still OK. Probably should check on places where hikes cross State or private land.
  • Representative photos keep with main part of Hike Description.
  • Flower sightings treated separately.