Revision Log

8/15/20 — MW

  • Created separate Published Hikes page for the Internet (not logged in) that excludes those hikes with Environmentally Sensitive = Yes. Is OK to have two sub-menu items with the same title (one for logged in, one for not).
  • Added Avg Grade value of 16 (Cabezon Peak).
  • Added Hiker Limit value of 8 (BLM W) for the BLM Wilderness Areas.
  • WayTrack files with filetype GPX weren’t accepted, so had to change those files to .gpx. Mostly were Dawn’s files.

7/29/20 — MW

  • Added way to determine land status using the BLM’s CarryMap application. This will replace most of the land status stuff I worked on. Still have to figure out how to get the number of hikers limits for various areas (NF and BLM wilderness areas, Valles Caldera National Preserve).

7/5/20 — MW — Various

  • Turned off notifications so Ken won’t get any messages when I change something with Flowers.
  • Need to split “Add/Edit” Gravity form. Must have “No Duplicates” checked for Add form but unchecked for Edit” form (gets confused when change something then try to save the form).
  • Found how to direct link to a URL from a menu item.
  • Flower Gravity form populating with data; Hike Gravity form not populating with data. Haven’t figured out a difference that is causing problems with the Hike form.
  • Finally found how to get the Gravity form to prepopulate!!! Use the permalink in the link from the List page rather than link to another page. Problem that Gravity Forms only links to own hard drive when want to upload an image or other file, doesn’t provide a Media Library option as the source.
  • When changed text block field type to paragraph in Pods, the Pods form provided a box that can show all the text input.
  • Question — if upload a file from own computer, does it get automatically added to Media Library?

1/31/20 — MW — Joining process.

  1. From the “not-logged-in” website, the person clicks on the Join menu tab and fills out a form with name (first, nickname, last, display), email, and hiker Id. He chooses whether he will be uploading a photo of his senior center card or having an email sent vouching for him. If he selects upload a photo, there’s a place to select which file.
  2. The Postmaster email address receives the information from the form, including the photo if uploaded.
  3. The membership person compares the name on the form with the name on the senior center card. If they agree, he adds a new User with the provided information (default role is Subscriber).
  4. MailPoet automatically sends an email asking the person to confirm that they want to be added to our mailing lists (with opportunity to specify for which hiking groups after they receive the Welcome message).
  5. After MailPoet gets the confirmation, it automatically sends the Welcome message.
  6. From the Welcome message, the person clicks on Manage your subscription and selects the hiking groups of interest.
  7. The person clicks on the link in the Welcome message to go to the WordPress login for our website, and enters his hiker Id or email address. Then he clicks on Lost your password? and is taken to a place where he can change his password (whatever he was assigned by WordPress as a New User)  to something he can remember (or write down)
  8. The person logs in and completes his Hiker Profile.

1/26/20 — MW — New items.

  • Added new fields to User pod (display_email and display_phone). Will add a bit of code to Simple Pods Plugin to first check if the display variable is set to Yes before displaying a hiker’s phone or email in the Users List Page. Otherwise, show Not Published.

1/23/20 — MW — New items.

  • Can use the Pods Customized Where under Advanced Options in a Relationship to limit the choices shown in a drop-down list. With that, can omit Inactive hikes from the list presented when adding/editing a schedule entry!!
  • The problem listed below was due to not selecting a category for a MailPoet Post Notification setup (then it was sent for every category).

1/19/20 — MW — New items.

  • Tested User Submitted post for a Hike Change Notice. Worked, but afterwards appeared to send duplicate content for a Hike Notice, one of them being for the same group as the Hike Change Notice (not clearing the group after sent?)
  • The links for Unsubscribe and Manage Your Subscription work.

1/13/20 — MW — New items.

  • Tested MailPoet sending of generated (scheduled) Hike Notices. Appears to be working, and the Hike Notices have the correct info, links work, they are published on the correct date, and sent to the correct email group (category). Still need to address how the unsubscribe works.
  • Added a switch statement to the Generate Hike Notices portion of Simple Pods Plugin to connect the group name (actually the abbreviation) to the category ID in Posts -> Categories. Also added post_category => array($categoryID) to wp_insert_post. This allows me to set the category for each post as it is generated.

12/30/19 — MW — New Items (transferred from local system where tested)

  • Added code in Simple Pods Plugin, a template, and a page for generating the coordinates for PARK waypoints. Added to the Admin menu tab with access only for Administrators.
  • Will need to add code that replaces PARK with the hike name and creates a gpx file. Take a look at how Howard did it. Also decide whether to just accept PARK and not PARK-[something].
  • Added code in Simple Pods Plugin, a template, and a page for generating Hike Notices by creating scheduled posts with the required information. Added to the Admin menu tab with access only for Administrators.
  • Set categories for the generated Hike Notices by hiking groups so that they would end up being emailed to the correct email list in MailPoet (I hope).

11/06/19 — MW — New Items.

  • Added a Groups menu item, and created a Group Page and a Groups List Page with a link to Edit Group Page. Will need to also create the Add Group Page (GF).
  • Am testing three different ways to schedule a hike notice using prepared content: Gravity Forms (front end) via MailPoet Post Notifications, MailPoet (back end), and WordPress (from back end) via MailPoet Post Notifications. All involve copy & paste from prepared content using the Hike Notice Template. Gravity Forms uses the Gravity Forms Advanced Post Creation Add-On now available only with an Elite license (but part of Pete’s old developer license).
  • MailPoet Newsletter (delivered at scheduled time, all content in email, link to Hike Description works, keeps formatting but loses “bold”). WordPress (delivered at scheduled time, some content in email with link to full content online, so link to Hike Description works and keeps formatting). Output from Gravity Forms scheduled for 11/7.

11/05/19 — MW — New Items:

  • Can create posts and schedule them to be published at a specific date/time in the future. That would work for Hike Notices. Then MailPoet can catch them and send them out through email. Haven’t found a way to create the content on the fly.  Might have to copy & paste content as generated from a Pods template. They could be created shortly after the planning meeting schedules have been entered. These posts should be deleted soon after issued. Hike Reports need to get into the database, so would be created in Gravity Forms and published immediately upon submittal. Should be able to use the Gravity Form for editing.  Hike Change Notices could (I think) be created in Gravity Forms and published immediately.
  • Important — You’ll find the setting for post status under the Post Title field, General Settings. There you can change the status to Draft, Pending Review, or Published.

10/23/19 — MW — New Items:

  • By looking at the theme files on my xampp installation, located the ones to overrule to be able to make the screen larger (currently 1520px). Still can’t figure out how to make the site identity be centered (may have to shell out $20 for the pro version to have that).
  • After trying various things to use Pods to generate a list of hikers by role, used the code snippet and examples on the internet to combine html with the php code snippet to create a list of Hike Leaders with email & phone number.
  • Website Committee didn’t like the idea of individuals sending the Hike Notices a week before the hike. They want the same behavior as for the Java website (auto generation of content and auto send). Don’t know if I’ll be able to find a plugin to do that.

10/9/19 — MW — New Items:

  • Have installed MailPoet, MailPoet addon for Gravity Forms, and User Submitted Posts (30,000 downloads) plugins. Emails are working!  I might have to define separate categories for each group-each type of email (ditto for each post notification email), 30 for each. Also installed Posts Table with Search and Sort (3,000 downloads) which provides a nice table that has sort, search, and filter capabilities so that the same table can be used for all of our posts (Hike Notices, Hike Change Notices, and Hike Reports) for all of the hiking groups. Should each group have an email person responsible for sending the routine hike notices.
  • Recommended way to cull the mailing list is: when the new site is operating, send an email with link to new hiker profile form to each person asking them to join the new website. (Give them a month or so to do it.)

9/30/19 — MW — New Items:

  • Gravity Form for Add/Edit Hike now uploads .gpx and .jpg files to the Hike Pod. However, there’s no indication on the form itself when you return to edit again that the files have made it (unlike the Pods form that shows an icon for the .gpx file and a thumbnail for each photo. There’s then also no way to delete one of these files from the Gravity Form. Have posted a question on the Pods forum (login to Pods forum, search for “Pods”, then go to the bottom of the page).
  • Deleted the field “GPS Files” since the filename is being displayed in the gpx links field already (at least on the Pods form).
  • Revised the Add/Edit Hike Gravity Form to use all drop-downs.
  • Created a Hike Display Page so that a Hike could be shown without the Gravity Form stuff underneath. Will need to do that with anything else that relies on Gravity Forms if we want to view it separately.
  • Used the conditional logic option in Gravity Forms to display different sets of Pub Status depending on the Record Type. Is working. Had to break Pub Status in the Hike Pod into three parts (will be confusing if have to use the Pods form or work in the back end). Will need to fix tables showing pub status. I suppose could use the Pods form only to add & delete gpx and jpg photo files.

9/18/19 — MW — Created a flower thumbnails page using FooGallery. Can set caption shown in the lightbox enlargement to be the flower Latin name (common name).

9/15/19 — MW –New items:

  • Finally solved the Printed on: (current date) problem on the Reservation form. Had to add some code to Simple Pods Plugin to allow shortcodes within Pods templates.
  • Finally answered the question “Do “where” items have to appear in the table?” The answer is NO!!!.
  • Also finally figures out how to refer to “administrator” correctly so that I could view everything.

9/14/19 — MW — New items:

  • Created Hike Notice example to illustrate can get all the info.
  • Added field Hike Leader Comments to Schedule Entry. Will have to figure out a way for the hike Coordinator to update the schedule entry and the Hike Leader to update the Hike Leader Comments.

9/13/19 — MW — New items:

  • Changed mime type in Enhanced Media PRO for gps back to application/octet-stream. (Link to EasyGPS wasn’t working with application/gps+xml.) Had to eliminate some unused file extensions from the list that also used the same mime type. Don’t have either of the “add mime types” plugins activated. Additional mime type is set only in Enhanced Media PRO.
  • Reduced the font size and element padding in the css for Current Schedule and changed the setting for dates to be d/m/y (rather than d/m/Y).
  • Returned Howard’s colors to background, header, and site logo areas. Adjusted table even & odd for Pods Hike Data table.

9/12/19 — MW — Changed passwords of all users to strong passwords generated by WordPress. Didn’t change them on my local system. Need to set on the laptop!

9/11/19 — MW — New items:

  • Changed customization of theme to a more neutral color scheme, and added Dawn’s Bisti photo as the Home Page image.
  • Created Text Author role so could allow the text author to edit a hike if the Maintainer was “Not Assigned”. Will need to create a spreadsheet with permissions to easily check how they are set (Menu/Page/User roles).
  • Added plugin FooGallery along with its lightbox addon, and uploaded some of the Scroll photos resized for smallest dimension 600. FooGallery keeps the aspect ratio of each photo for its thumbnail in the gallery in the mason template option. You can click on a thumbnail and get the full-sized photo (it’s then possible to save the photo, so should check with the photo contributors if that’s OK).

9/11/19 — MW — Added back content wiped out by the restore:

  • Removed field “number_flowers” from the Flower Pod, and replaced it with a code snippet added to Simple Pods Plugin to return the number of photos (using count PHP function). The snippet is then used in the Flowers List template.
  • Had a breakthrough on formatting — discovered that can have two variables displaying in the same column of a table (useful for hike name/notes or van driver 1/van driver 2.
  • Found problem with last updated by. Added function to Simple Pods Plugin to return the last modified author, and another function to return the last modified date. Try again tomorrow to compare the two methods.
  • Added function to Simple Pods Plugin to calculate the estimated return time based on the meet time, hike drive time, hike distance (hike time based on 2 mi/hr), and an allowance of 2 hrs for lunch, breaks, and pit stops.

9/9/19 — MW — Pete restored the old backup, but also added a security plugin called WordFence. After that, I couldn’t log in, and couldn’t reset my password. This went on for two days. Pete then deactivated WordFence, and all was well.

9/6/19 — MW — Experimented with switching themes. Didn’t like the results, so went back to the City Logic theme. Found that the sidebar reappeared even when I chose Full-Page template. (The changes that I made to the theme to eliminate the sidebar appear to have been wiped out.) Struggled with it for a couple of days, then asked Pete to restore a backup from the 9/2-4 period.

8/31/19 — MW — Added PHP code snippet to determine the next Hike Identity string (the largest current value plus one). Added page “Side by Side” with the pods form on the left and the Hike Identity value to be used plus instructions for filling out the form on the left. Kind of klutzy, since would have to manually space the instructions to be opposite where they appear on the form.

8/29/19 — MW — Added a “Get My Schedule” page (for leaders, drivers, and hike coordinators) along with a PHP code snippet to write the logged in user’s name in the title. Experimented with horizontal scroll. Apparently my “full page” template is suitable for laptop screens but don’t provide a full page for a 1920×1080 screen. If I enable horizontal scroll, the RHS of the page ends where the menu ends. Need to check on different fonts that take up less space (though the font choices for the City Lights theme don’t include Times Roman or Arial).

8/28/19 — MW — Added code snippet found on internet to create a shortcode to extract the query string from a link and display it. Useful for “Choose” type forms to show the selection in the title of the results page.

8/26/19 — MW — Pete added the pods-specific define statements to wp-config, so now the magic tags are working. Added a page to choose an attraction of interest that returns a page that displays the hikes having that attraction, but haven’t figured out how to add the selected attraction to the page title. (Of course, could be klutzy and create a separate page for each attraction.) The answer to make the Gravity/Pods form work for radio buttons is to replace them in the pod definition with single-choice drop-downs.

8/24/19 — MW — Decided to quit using tags and custom taxonomy, and instead making Pub Status and Attractions fields in the Hikes Pod. Then at least the Pods form can accept and return all of the fields. Still have the problem with Gravity/Pods form not displaying the radio button values correctly.

8/22/19 — MW — Some special magic tags aren’t working (asked Pete to make sure the define statements for shortcodes are in the wp-config.php file).

8/19/19 — MW — Finally understood what the listing for a major revision of the Gravity Forms add-on meant about adding the Gravity form at the end of the singular template. Tried adding the form shortcode for the Hike template at the end of the Hike template, and voila, the filled out form appeared at the bottom of a published Hike. The radio buttons aren’t being filled in, and the form doesn’t accept jpg or gpx files. The bare-bones Pods form may end up being the best option, since everything works.

8/19/19 — MW — Having trouble getting the URL right for the Pods form to work correctly from Pods Hike Data (click on the Maintainer’s name) (it works from my local system).

8/19/19 — MW — Created Gravity form for Hike. Entered almost all fields. Wasn’t able to upload photos, maps, or gpx files (notified Pete). Mapping to Pods straightforward. New Pod entered into set of Hikes. Haven’t added Pub Status or tags fields. Part way through changing checkboxes for Yes/No to radio buttons (so can choose only one) and setting all fields to fill dynamically. Have made other changes in Hike field definitions and the Hike template as appropriate.

8/13/19 — MW — Added the shortcode for TablePress Buttons to the Flower Sightings List. I have custom css to create borders around all table elements, but the borders are not appearing correctly in the print (sometimes OK, sometimes just vertical, sometimes just horizontal.. (Aiming for a printable flowers checklist.) Have to use a @media print style sheet? The COPY button does work to put the text on the clipboard so can be pasted into Excel then worked with from there.

8/12/19 — MW — Added css for zebra striping and sticky header to Pods Hike Data template. Should add it to templates for tables created from other pods.

8/12/19 — MW — Created new post “Revision Log” under the Admin main menu item.

8/12/19 — MW — Created a Flower Sightings pod related to the Flowers pod and a list of Regions. Can’t do much with that until more flowers have been entered.

8/12/19 — MW — Applied transversal concept for the schedule entry to the group and hike variables in the Reservation Form template. It worked!