• Can use the WordPress “Author” for the author of a given post (including custom post types).
  • WordPress seems to hang onto old values if you change a field name (instead of throwing an error message that a field is not defined). Example is when I renamed Groups by their abbreviations and deleted the group_abbr field from the Group Pod. (Or maybe it’s a Pods problem.)


  • Keep using the free CityLogic theme as long as it’s doing everything we need. (Hold off on installing premium version of CityLogic theme.)


  • Don’t use the “website” field type in a Pod if want to display a link, just use “plain text”.
  • Better to have Hike Reports fields belong to Schedule Entry.
  • Use the permalink (human readable) to get to a Pod item (such as for an internal link) via the fundamental template (e.g., Hike Template rather than Hike Display Template).
  • Use the id in Pods tables since that works so well with the “other” template (e.g., Hike Display Template rather than Hike Template).


  • An “Edit” link on the lower left-hand corner of the page appears if the logged in user has edit capability for that content.


  • Signing up for an email list should be part of the Hiker Profile process.


  • New posts only show up in the front end if they have been Published in WordPress. The website can then control which posts are visible to hikers with a given role and assign them our own “status”.


  • Should try Visualizer charts again and see if can get the x and y axes labels to be correct in the scatterplot. Also see if there’s a way to label a series. (Locate the original input!)

CSV Files

  • Don’t ever edit a csv file. Instead, edit the source Excel file, then save again as csv.


  • Maybe it’s a bug in the 2019 Excel. Don’t try to sort dates as is (Excel is doing something weird and changing the year). First, copy the dates then paste values in another column. These will be strings of numbers. Sort on the values. Then format the values again as dates.
  • Save as std csv file to use with CSV Importer for Pods (not as CSV UTF-8).

Last Modified+

  • On 10/11/20, the {@ID, return_last_modified_date} worked but not the xyz snippet (in both Hike Template and Hike Display Template). New test hike entered via Pods form.
  • Decided to make getting the last modified date and last modified user during Pods pre-save.


  • Photos added via the Pods form can be “de-selected” so that they aren’t attached to that Pod anymore, but they are still in the Media Library.
  • Last updated info for flowers or hikes for the Java website are for text, not photos (makes sense since suppImage is a separate table with its own last update info for each photo). In my case, since the photos are part of the pod that has the text, pre-save is for the pod which includes both text and photos.