Hiking Schedule for Second Half of 2021

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Day Hike Date Signups Start Group Meet Time Hike Name RegionHike Leader(s) Van Driver(s)Hk Cls Hk Mi Ttl Up On Trail Paved or Gravel Rds GPS Adv Route Type Dr Mi RT Dr Tm 1W Est Cost
Tue 2021-07-06 2021-06-08 PDSCT 8:00 AM 4th of July - Albuquerque Trail Loop Short

Manzano Mountains East Connie Dennison
Sunita Moonka
C 5.5 985 Yes No Yes CW Loop 100 1:30 $5.00
Tue 2021-07-20 2021-06-22 PDSCT 8:00 AM La Luz Spur - Kiwanis Cabin Loop

Sandia Mountain East Marilyn Warrant
Joseph Marino
C 4.3 805 Yes Yes No Loop 70 1:15 $3.50
Tue 2021-08-03 2021-07-06 PDSCT 8:00 AM Winsor Trail to Bob Meadow

15 (Pecos Wilderness)

Sangre De Cristos John Cooper
Paul Cheng
C 5.2 1375 No Yes Yes InOut 150 1:45 $7.50
Tue 2021-11-23 2021-10-26 PDSCT 8:00 AM ABQ Art, History, Architecture: Downtown-Old Town

Albuquerque Joan Weissman

B 5.1 10 Yes Yes No CW Loop 16 0:15 $0.80